Lytko Alexander A. Aleksander A. Lytko

Candidate of Science (PhD)
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of of the department of Psychology
Gomel State University




* Pinsk Pedagogical College, 1968

* Faculty of mathematics, Gomel State University,1977

* Diploma of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (PhD), 1985

* Docent Certificate, 1989


* Teacher, deputy director of the boarding school, 1968 -1983
* Assistant Professor of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology, 1983-1985
* Associate Professor the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Gomel State University,  

* Head of the Department of Psychology, 1995-2009
* Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology, 2009

Visiting positions:

Visiting Researcher, Department of Psychology, Moscow State University. MV University (Moscow),


Psychodiagnostics, psychology of moral development of adolescents

1969 - the medal "For Military Merit";
2009 - The badge "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Belarus"

   Lytko, A.A. Psychological preparation of players / Lytko, A.A. Zaitsev, B.M. - Gomel: GSU, 2007. - 176 p.
   Lytko, A.A. Psychological support of the players / Lytko, A.A. Zaitsev, B.M. - Gomel: GSU, 2007. - 210 p.
Chapters in books
    Ethical conversations with students of VI, VII and XVIII of classes, ed. I. F. Kharlamov Minsk (1984-1987)
The main articles
    Lytko, A.A. Dynamics of mental capacity, six-year first-graders with different physical activity / B.M Zaitsev, A.A Lytko / / Questions of psychology. - 1990. - № 1. - S. 50-54.
    Lytko, A.A. Texts on child suicide as a subject narrative analysis / social and educational problems of children and youth: Proceedings of the. - Rostov-on-Don, Southern Federal University, 2009. – A.A. Lytko. - P. 155-158.
    Lytko A. The essence of morality in the mirror of psychological science / / Journal of the Chernihiv State Pedagogical University. No. 41, v. 1, a series of "Psychological Science". - Chernigov: Chernigov. gospeduniversitet, 2006. - p.183-188.
    Lytko, A.A. Mechanisms of self-reflexive moral adolescents / A.A. Lytko / / Papers of Gomel State University. Socio-economic and the social sciences. - 2011. - N 1 (64). - P. 127-134.


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