Uladzislau Beizerau

Dean Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics

Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
Candidate of Sciences (PhD), Associate profesor



•    Faculty of Geology and  Geography, specialization: Geography and English language, Gomel State University, 2000.  
•    Faculty of Social sciences, Lund University, Lund, Sweden,  2005  (Course certificate)
•    Faculty of Mass communication, Lund University, Campus Helsingborg, Sweden, 2008  (Course certificate)
•    Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (PhD), M. Tank Belarussian  State Pedagogical University, Minsk, 2009

•    Republican Institute of high school, Minsk, 2011 (Course certificate)

•    Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2012 (Course certificate)

•    Belarussian-Russian University, Mogilev, 2013 (Course certificate)

•    V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, New Delhi, India, 2014  (Course certificate)

•    Associate professor, F. Scorina Gomel State University, 2015

Main appointments:
* Teacher of  English, secondary school №4 Hoiniky, 2000-2001
* Teacher of  English, secondary school №51 Gomel. 2001-2002
* Teacher of  English, British Studies and Business English, Gomel Gymnasium №10, 2002-2010
* Lecturer of Geography, Gomel Technical College (part-time), 2001-2010
* Senior Lecturer, Vice dean (Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics) Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
* Associate Professor, Dean of Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics Francisk Skorina Gomel State University

Member of  Belarus Geographical Society

Member of Belarussian Pedagogical Society

Member of Belarussian Psychological Society

Comparative pedagogics, integration and internationalization in education, commercialization of education, linguistics and  British studies  

•    Honorary Certificate of the  Department of Education (Administration of Central District), Gomel, 2006
•    Honorary Award of Gomel Region Executive Council, 2008
•    Honorary Certificate of the  Department of Education (Gomel Executive Council), Gomel 2010 

•   Honorary Certificate of Gomel city council, Gomel 2015

Total number of publications – 123


1. U.A. Beizerau,  Integration of the Belarusian education system into World educational space,  Gomel : GSU, 2006,  68 p.

2. U.A. Beizerau, Models of integration of the Belarusian education system, Gomel: GSU, 2007, 108 p.

3. U.A. Beizerau, Integration of the Belarusian education system into world educational space ,  Program of  special course,  Minsk: Bestprint,  2008, 12 p.

4.  U.A. Beizerau, Business English,  Rostov - N / D : Phoenix, 2009, 378 p.

5.  U.A. Beizerau,  English for Travellers, Rostov - N / D : Phoenix, 2010, 344 p.

6. U.A. Beizerau, English for Tourism and Hotel Industry, Rostov - N / D.: Phoenix, 2011, 347 p.

7. U.A. Beizerau,  English for Travellers,  Rostov - N / D : Phoenix, 2012, 2nd edition,  344 p.

8. U.A. Beizerau,  Elementary English, Rostov N / D : Phoenix, 2013, 344 p.

9. U.A. Beizerau, Travelling with English,  Rostov N / D: Phoenix, 2014, 283 p.

10. U.A. Beizerau,  Innovative pedagogics,  Minsk  : MCIDO, 2014,  202 p.

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