Science and Research

The faculty carries research in the following areas:

- Ideological, moral and spiritual self-development as the basis for the formation of social competence of pupils and students;

- Methodological education of students of humanitarian sphere;

- Social and pedagogical foundations of moral education of the students;

- Social and moral mechanisms of the ontogeny of morality in adolescence;

- Social and psychological determinants of psychological well-being;

- Experience of the individual in the dynamics of social development situation;

- A model of psychosocial support to adults and children of alcoholics.

Faculty pays much attention not only to theoretical but also to practical training. There are 5  research laboratories. Based on these labs, researchers and students conduct their research; learn modern methods of psychodiagnostics, educational and correctional work, implement a number of volunteer projects, prepare papers for publications. Student's Scientific Research Laboratory "Alliance" twice won the Special Presidential Award (in 2003 and 2010).

The Faculty organizes and carries regular international conferences on the problems of psychology and Pedagogics. 


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