Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics!

General information

Gomel is known as a place, where one of the founders of modern psychology – Lev Vigotsky lived, studied and started his research and teaching career.


The Faculty of  Psychology and Pedagogics, which continues the best traditions of Vigotsky  was created in 1991 and was first named “The Faculty of Psychology and Pre-University Training”. On February 1, 2010 the faculty was renamed into ‘The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics”.

The graduates of the faculty work at secondary schools, colleges, universities, social and psychological centers, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry for Emergency situations offices and other public and commercial organizations.

The Faculty provides opportunities for learning and professional development. A wide range of programmes is offered - from undergraduate degrees, to Masters level qualifications and PhDs. 

The faculty provides training on following specialties

Undergraduate courses: Psychology, Social Pedagogics and Practical Psychology, Social work,  (Specializations: Pedagogical Psychology; Psychology of Sport; Social Psychology)

Post-Graduate courses: Theory and methodology of training and education, General Psychology, Psychology of Personality; History of Psychology; Pedagogical Psychology; Social Psycholog

y; General Pedagogics; History of Pedagogics and Education; Social Pedagogics.

The training is provided in Russian, Belarussian and English languages.

Dean: Dr. Uladzislau Beizerau 

Training for Bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree usually lasts 4 years full-time and 5 years part-time. We offer such

programs: Social Pedagogics, Social work, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Sport, Social Psychology, Family Psychology.

The Masters degree (MA) is usually  one-two year full-time (part-time) degree which aims to provide a grounding in educational and psychological research methods and theoretical and methodological understanding of the field of education and psychology through one of the  specialist routes: Master of Psychology and Master of Pedagogics (Education). The research is available in the field of social, medical, educational, sport, cognitive, family psychology, child development and education, comparative and international education, learning and technology, higher education, research design and methodology.

The PhD in Psychology and PhD in Pedagogics (Education) are  full-time or part-time  programmes which take 3-4 years and which are intended to provide graduates with a wide range of research skills as well as in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in their chosen field of research.  PhD students are attached to the department, researching a wide range of topics, normally linked to one or more of the Department Research Groups. Students come from different countries and are supported by a variety of scholarships and grants. Entry is highly competitive, and applicants are required to have a strong academic background and to submit a research proposal.

The students and the teachers of the faculty are highly involved into voluntary activities carried out by local, national and international organizations. Much attention in these projects is paid to the help and support of children in need and their families. That is why these activities became one of the most important parts of students’ training.


The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics is one of the largest centres for the study of psychology and social pedagogics in Gomel Region and Belarus.

Today more than 500 undergraduate and  graduate students are trained here  full-time and more than 600 students part time and distantly.  


We have nearly 40 highly-qualified academic faculty. Structurally the Faculty includes 3 departments:

- The Department of Pedagogics

- The Department of Psychology

- The Department of Social and Pedagogical Psychology

The faculty also includes 5 off-campus branches opened at educational and health-care establishments: Gomel State Gymnasium №10, Lev Vigotsky Gomel State Pedagogical College, Gomel Regional Center for Hygiene, Gomel City State Social and Pedagogical Center, Gomel Regional Center for correctional education,  rehabilitation and inclusion.  


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