Job description:


Psychologist is a specialist with specialized education, providing psychological care to patients.

Psychologists are divided into several categories: counselors, psychologists, teachers, clinical psychologists.


• reception and consulting clients;

• identification of psychological problems;

• carrying out a specific set of exercises (exercises) with various professional practice;

• analysis of the environment in which the counseling object is immersed

Places of work:

• specialized public and private health institutions;

• educational and training institutions;

• counseling centers;

• Service for recruitment, recruitment agencies;

• scope of research activities

Professional skills:

• Vocational Education (higher professional or vocational training);

• Knowledge and skill to use in practice a variety of psychological techniques and methods of treatment

Additional features:

Today there are a lot of areas in which the psychologist can find professional applications: working with children, recruitment, management, coaching.





Job description:


Professional activities of social teacher  are multi-tasking. On the one hand he works as a psychologist who works with children with mental, intellectual and serious psychological disturbances in development. He is also responsible for giving advice for the parents raising these children, their teachers and classmates. On the other hand social educator must ensure the rights of the child at home and outside the family (in schools, kindergartens, etc.) That means  to solve problematic situations, where the rights of minors in any way are violated. In addition, the social teachers  has the right to initiate legal action to deprive careless parents of their rights.


• working with parents and teachers (teachers) to educate on issues related to existing and potential problems of children;

• Conduct educational talks and activities with children of different ages, different levels of mental and physical development, social status;

• sentence recommendation of measures of family and social upbringing of the younger generation;

• Forming of motivation, and social outlook literate parents of children in troubled, low-income, single-parent families;

• protection of the rights and interests of children, including the courts;

• preparation of studies and reports on their own activities

Places of work:

• The relevant departments of the social protection of population;

• nursery schools;

• the school;

• Children's refuges, children's homes

Professional skills:

• knowledge of psychology, in particular - children, social and personality psychology;

• expertise in legal and legislative issues directly related to parent-child relationships, problems;

• juveniles of their rights, duties and responsibilities of the commission of crimes;

• ability to document

Additional features:

The future social teacher requires specialized secondary or higher professional education in the specialty "Social Pedagogy". It should be noted that the profession is not particularly popular with students of pedagogical colleges and universities in mind the moral complexity and low wages. However, in institutions such teachers are in a great demand. So if you decide to become just a social worker, keep in mind that you will never stay  without a job on your specialty.


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